Innovation Safari

Smart City Expo – Smart Future of the cities PDF - wed, 20th - 8 hours

Pulse the vibe of the Smart City of Barcelona narrated in person by its pioneers.
Envision the future by experiencing present and reflect on your individual point of view with a touch of fun.
Experience innovation like never before.

#AI for cities
#Smart Governance
#Social Innovation
#Leading sensors for pollution

During this one-day innovation safari in Barcelona you will explore unique innovation in two main hotspots: Barcelona Supercomputing Center and ICFO- Photonic Institute of Catalonia to open your mind to new perspectives.

You will enjoy a networking lunch with innovators, city managers and other explorers like you.

In the afterwork you will design the smart futures of your city in a fun way using the concepts and ideas experienced during the day.

This is a unique opportunity to experience innovation like never before discovering top innovation hotspots in Barcelona.

Our expert innovation guides will lead you to:

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