Innovation Safari

Fake Health News - Session


A Half-day session where you will discover and experience all the key technologies to fight against Fake News related to health with special focus in Covid-19.

Explained by the thought leaders of EpidemixTV and, two organizations leading the fight against health fake news. 

    Innovation Themes:  #Fake News in Health #Trusted Information #TV Technology #Collaborative Projects

    The session belongs to the five-day safari "How to overcome the Covid-19 tsunami with powerful technology?":

    • Day 1 - 3D Printing Future Design
    • Day 2 - Robots for PCRs
    • Day 3 - Robots and UV-C
    • Day 4 - Digital Connections
    • Day 5 (morning) - Fake Health News
    • Day 5 (afternoon) - Engagement Workshop

    Safari aimed at professionals working in:

    • Innovation, in particular in the health sector.
    • Hospitals and retirement homes
    • Business owners exploring new opportunities in health


    • The Safari carried out the last week of July is in Spanish, even though we are studying the possibility to provide them in both English and Catalan in the near future.


    • To learn about new technologies.
    • To experiment and discover how they have been used to innovate.



    10:00 - 11:00 Hotspot 1: Salud Sin Bulos
    11:00 - 12:00  Hotspot 2: MALDITA.ES
    12:00 - 13:00 Hotspot 3: EPIDEMIXS



    • Single session: 150 EUR + VAT
    • All 5 days: 650 EUR + VAT (you can join when is best for you or give your voucher to another person if you can not attend a session). 
    • 10% of the benefits are given to the COVID WARRIORS organization.

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